Water is the Vessel of Consciousness

What have all ancient cultures known about water's divinity that modern humans have forgotten?

Does water hold metaphysical blueprint of existence, the map of reality? What if all “worlds” of reality, from dreams to the structures of daily life, memories of the past and probability fields of future timelines, psychic visions, all are maintained by water? And if each drop contains a hologram of the whole Universe, how does water invite us to access that?

What is Holy Water, and why is it a central part of every major religion?

Why are saints and deities often sighted near certain sacred springs?

What role does water play in the power of manifestation, the mind/body connection, the law of attraction, and the biology of belief?

What deeper truths were the mystics pointing to when using water as a parable for the mind of God?

What can modern discoveries in the field of quantum science teach us about water's ability to access multiple dimensions?

What if everything you were taught about water, the very substance you are made of, was wrong? And how can shifting those beliefs unlock deeper spiritual connection?

Learning about water wisdom is one thing, applying it is another. Discover the ancient wisdom, the art and the science of water gnosis, and receive all the tools you will need to apply it in your own life.

As a prerequisite, all participants are requested to please watch this free webinar The Living Liquid Crystal for a base understanding of water before joining this course, because we will be diving into deep, uncharted waters of intrigue and mystery. Having a solid foundational understanding of water structure is crucial.

8 Calls & 8 Recordings

  • We will meet every Tuesday in November and December over Zoom to explore this juicy topic together, with time for Q&A
  • Participants will hit the ground running with enlightening pre-recorded group sessions including Q&A discussions from our last Spirit of Water course.
  • Each session is 1.5 - 2 hours, except the finale, which is a 4.5 hour water wisdom transmission with the most potent secret water teachings of all ages.
  • Discover the mind, body, and spirit of water, and how they interact to create reality.
  • Although profound and beautifully deep, this material is presented as simply as possible and to make learning enjoyable.

Workbooks to Guide Your Journey
  • Valued at $33 each
  • Receive guidance to deepen your journey with water's primordial capacity as the prime creator, its history in religious mysticism, and its unfurling quantum dimensions.
  • Receive assignments to support your growth, and share with the group to deepen your insights and evolution.
  • Multiple resources available for further deep dives and continued study.

Supportive Community Forum
  • Discuss informative user-friendly material that support the water journey you're being invited into.
  • Join in the discussion, create an atmosphere of growth through continual interaction and discussion in the community forum.
  • Everyone is encouraged to find a partner in the group in order to 10X the learning experience.
  • Seek out a different participant each session and get to know something about them and their journey with water.

Student Testimonial

I wanted to reach out to express my deepest gratitude to you for your presence in the world and sharing of your gifts.

The Spirit of Water course has been an incredible journey that has brought me into a much deeper connection with All that is. 

 The vast wealth of wisdom and love shared in your course is one I will be returning to over and over again.

I will be forever grateful to you for revealing the magic of Water and helping me to better understand myself and humanity.

I am elated with delight to know that I've just begun to scratch the surface here and there is so much that awaits for me in my communion with the Divine.

I am falling in Love with Water! And I know that walking in the Christ Conscious/Water path is both my passion and purpose in this lifetime.

I think there is SO much incredible content and all the homework practices and such that you could easily extend the course to twice as long. You could even double the price and it would still be a great bargain for your students.

I SO believe in what you're doing and want to do all I can to help this reach as far and wide as possible!

Thank you doesn't express the depth of my appeciation here but it will have to do for now!



~Jessikah Goodale

"To understand water is to understand the cosmos, the marvels of nature, and life itself."

~Dr. Masaru Emoto

"As your partner in life, water must be understood on a new and deeper level if you are to be able to consciously engage in the dance of life. Doing so will enable you to rise to new levels of awareness and to discover your full potential."

~MJ Pangman

Student Testimonial

Hola love! 

I wanna thank you so much for the amazing workshop the Sporit of Water that just concluded!! My mind and heart are blowing and bubbling with sooo much goodness you pour there 😍💦

And I’m so happy and grateful I got to have your gift 💝 to be present in the birth of it! 

It’s so beautiful to witness!

~Marce Recendez

"The Wise Woman turns to vitalized water. She has rediscovered the secret of life.

The secret of life lies within water."

~Helmuth Ratschiller

"Water will show you the Truth of who you are and will reveal the history of life on planet Earth that has been hidden from you for so long"

~Rainey Marie Highley

Student Testimonial

“After completing Isabel's Spirit of Water course, I feel a newfound exuberance and passion for cultivating an intimate relationship with Water—the Source of all Life, the Queen of the Earth! The information provided in this course is critical and invaluable as it details and explains the very foundations of existence itSelf and the great potential for Humanity when we align with the Natural Hydrological Cycle. Isabel is a uniquely poised and eloquent teacher. Her divine presence is palpable and her authenticity is always apparent. I don’t consider myself a traditional “scholar” or someone who is apt with retaining copious amounts of information, but Isabel offers her curriculum in a way that is completely digestible and massively interesting to anyone who is even remotely curious about Water. Her passion is contagious, and it gives me such solace knowing that there are people like Isabel doing this work to usher in an era of Higher Consciousness. I am deeply grateful for the profound knowledge and sacred wisdom I have received through taking this course. From the very core of my Being—thank you, Isabel!"

~Sierra Humphrey


We will get to know the mind, body, and spirit of water from both scientific and esoteric perspectives, over 18+ hours of masterclass study ~ the culmination of my 13 years of research and experience walking the water path.


Our first session is all about shifting our perspectives about what and who water is, and developing a personal relationship with her, with reciprocal communication. You will understand who water is as a living entity, how to connect with her, and a bit about her personality, and how to approach her with reverence and how to mirror her own qualities to evolve and refine your character.You will learn water divination techniques known as hydromancy. 


Our second session is all about learning the nuances of water's embodiment and how to meet her needs. We will answer the question, "if water is life, what is death?" We will explore her fractal nature, how her body is mirrored in our own bodies, how she is the living matrix and conduit of our own subconscious and conscious minds within our bodies, and begin our ongoing study of the cerebrospinal fluid. And we will see how water is the conduit of astrological forces.


Our third session will undoubtedly shift your whole perception of the universe we live in. It is all about the waters of our superfluid cosmos, and how those waters above influence our embodied waters below. After this, you'll never look up at the night sky in the same way again! We will begin to see how water holds the blueprint, map, and matrix of the hologram of reality, will discover the true nature of our sun and of stars, and we will continue our study of cerebrospinal fluid.


In our fourth session together, we're going to explore far beyond the reaches of what we typically think of as water. Rather than just her physical body, we're going to look also at her mind and spirit. Just like you, water is a triune being. And recognizing all 3 facets of water is the key to unlocking her spiritual dimensions and miraculous capacities. The fact is, we need a new definition of water that encompasses her transcendent nature and the forces with which she is in constant contact. Many ancient cultures knew her to be an intermediary between the human and the heavenly, between the physical and the divine, between the manifest and the unmanifest. And this is because she is a part of both worlds. In session 4, we will look at both scientific and ancient esoteric teachings about how exactly this is true. In this module, our deeply spiritual exploration of our own souls and the nature of God will begin in earnest. 


Now that we have a solid understanding of the mind, body and spirit of water both on earth and throughout the cosmos, our fifth session will take a historical look at how the mind, body, and spirit of water have been perceived and depicted by holy texts, ancient scriptures, and indigenous wisdom keepers throughout time. What understandings have our ancestors passed down to us about the true nature of water, and how it holds the keys to our spiritual development and enlightenment? And, what can ancient creation stories tell us about the role of water in both the creation, preservation, and dissolution of all the manifest forms of creation? You will see how water is the first creator from which everything came, and also the final fate into which everything will dissolve. You'll see the sacred roles of water from indigenous and religious spiritual practices, and gain some rituals and tools you can work with on your own path.


In session six we will be exploring how to partner with the creative power of water in crafting reality ~ aka water magic & manifestation principles and techniques. Now that weve seen the mystical, sacred, mythological, theological, & archetypal roles of water in ancestral cultures throughout time, and we've seen her essence as the Universal Creatrix, let's invite her creative powers into alchemical play and shamanic cocreation. Since water holds the hologrphic map of reality, and is the primary creator, we can more effectively cocreate reality when we partner with water. We will learn water's connection to the universal principles and laws of abundance, and how to open water as a doorway to the Kingdom of Heaven.

In session seven, we will be exploring a complex and beautiful ancient water religion, and you might be surprised to discover what it is, and how it relates directly to your life and your spiritual destiny. 


In session eight, we will be revealing the ancient esoteric mysteries of living water in the physiological process of enlightenment today. All of our sessions together thus far have led us up to this point! This is the secret water teaching of all ages, the culmination of the study of living water wisdom, and is presented to you in a 4.5 hour life-changing transmission of a simple, practical, applicable hydro-biophysical and astro-theological cosmology for raising your consciousness by directly influencing the hydrology of living water within your body temple.

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At $222 for 8 masterclass workshops, each workshop is only $27, which is less than the cost of just one of the free workbooks included with every module.